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Fen-Phen Legal Issues

Bottle of PillsFen-phen cases involving pondimin and redux are currently in the second round of litigation. After the popular weight loss drugs were pulled from the market on September 15, 1997 class actions and individual suits proceeded after medical reports linked the drugs to serious forms of valvular heart disease. The first fen-phen trial started in March of 1999 and ended in a $23 million dollar verdict favoring the Texas woman with valvular heart disease. A $4 billion dollar settlement was agreed between American Home Products (AHP) and lawyers for a class action settlement, specifying ways that class members could opt out or exercise their settlement created right for monetary compensation.

AHP owned rights to market and to sell both diet drugs, pondimin and redux. Because they knew about the research and the Adverse Drug Experience reports done on fen-phen, they are liable for the serious conditions the drugs caused. Allegations against AHP include their continuation to manufacture and sell, as well as to continue marketing fen-phen while choosing to give proper warning for the adverse effects both drugs can cause. The corporation did not pull fen-phen from the market until the FDA began their official investigation of the correlation between fen-phen and valve disease, something AHP already knew about.

The initial opt-out period before March 31, 2000 had less than fifty thousand claimants fill out paperwork. The majority of cases did not opt out by March 30, 2000, and it is these people that make up Round Two of the fen-phen litigations. There is a brief window where claimants can register with the Settlement Trust and request and then either request benefits or opt-out and return to the civil litigation system. An individual must meet certain medical parameters within the next year and file specified documents with the American Home Products Settlement Trust shortly after that in order to receive any type of substantial benefits from the Class Action.

Notable Quotes
“I felt from the very beginning the drug companies were covering up. I felt from the very beginning that these drugs were dangerous.”
-Dr. Leo Lutwak, FDA’s key reviewer of fen-phen

“Being part of my kids’ lives and doing their everyday activities is a struggle. But I just take one day at a time and do the best I can.”
-Patricia Buol, suffers severe heart problems after taking fen-phen

Initially, the first round of fen-phen litigation ended with American Home Products having a 0 for 4 record in the courtroom, yet they claim they are going to continue to litigate their cases aggressively. Millions of people have been affected by the prescription drugs pondimin and redux, yet just a small percentage of those individuals have taken legal action. Since there is a small window of time set by the Class Action Settlement the many affected fen-phen individuals should not delay finding legal representation.

Our expert fen-phen attorneys can help you receive the proper compensation deserved to any individual who has suffered or is still suffering from the serious health complications fen-phen causes. Individuals involved in the Class Action may have experienced more severe health complications after joining the Class Action that they will not be qualified for. We have provided a contact form for those wishing to inquire.

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Fen-Phen Medical Issues
Valvular Heart Disease- The injury frequently associated with the use of pondimin or redux. The two drugs cause the valves in the heart to allow blood flow backwards through them.

Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH)- PPH is a disease that result in increased pulmonary artery pressure that is caused by pondimin or redux and is the most dangerous and deadly effect of fen-phen.

Endocardial Fibrosis- This injury is diagnosed by fibrosis and restrictive cardiomyopathy.

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